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Tesla Model 3: The Platinum Bar + Note for Musk

This week, the EPA published preliminary test results for the Tesla Model 3. And it had some pretty startling results. The most notable of which was the range of the car. Issued with the long-range model, the preliminary results had me staring at my screen in disbelief.

According to the document, the Tesla Model 3 long-range model sports an 89.4kWh battery pack – a little more than was anticipated – and, most remarkably, appears to be eyeing an EPA range of 495 miles (796kms).  What does this mean? Of course, the results aren’t final, but it does appear that Tesla has just beaten themselves at their own game. The Model S 100D, for example, is the Fremont company’s incumbent longest-range vehicle, at 335 miles (632kms). If the long-range Model 3 EPA test results remain consistent, then I dare say we might have a new platinum bar for EV range.

EPA preliminary documents for the Tesla Model 3. Note Actual Distance Driven (miles). Source: InsideEVs.com

I love the Model 3, despite never having seen one in person (I missed the one that Tesla brought out here for snow testing). I love the clean, uncluttered interior, the fact that it is an affordable electric vehicle which will be mass-produced, and needless to say I am excited for Tesla in light of the 500,000+ reservations currently held for the Model 3.

And now, the Model 3 is the first affordable electric car that I can think of as having a similar refueling pattern to an ICE car. I fuel my ICE car once a week, and the long-range Model 3 can be charged once a week doing the same running as I currently do. Of course, charging takes a bit longer than putting petrol in the tank. Well, unless I charge the car when I am not using it. Then it takes a matter of seconds to charge the car. I currently have to be using my ICE car to refuel it, since I can’t afford, or get consent, to put my own petrol station in the garage.

In all truth, the Model 3, despite being mass-produced and significantly cheaper than it’s Mum and Dad (Model S and Model X), and cheaper still than it’s Granddaddy (the Roadster), still isn’t overly cheap, with a base price of USD$35,000, and the long range version starting at USD$44,000. Not that it has deterred buyers – Tesla seems to be achieving an average of 1,800 reservations per day for the newborn. Just as well it is positioned the way it is, though. Because Tesla will already be at the limits of its production capability for a while. At this rate, Tesla will be run off it’s feet trying to fill orders. They may even need to double their production capacity to cope with demand.

This is a short piece today, but I would like to add a couple more thoughts:

Elon, shame on you!

Shame on you for producing a car so great that hundreds of thousands of people were willing to preorder more than a year before production began. Shame on you for building an automaker that could achieve the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. Shame on you for producing cars so great that people are voluntarily learning how to get their finances in order so they can afford to buy them. Shame on you for being such a genius that you were able to turn an entire industry inside out in less than 20 years. Shame on you for producing compelling cars that don’t cause irreversible damage to the environment in which we live. And shame on you for doing all of it so well.

But seriously, Elon, if you are reading this (it is probably a long shot), congratulations on proving everybody wrong, and on sticking to your guns even with so many people saying you couldn’t succeed. And thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people. Undoubtedly the world owes you a huge debt. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Paul, I am well aware of Tesla’s quoted range (see Tesla Model 3: Handover Heels). As stated in the article, we are looking at preliminary test results from the EPA, not Tesla’s quoted range. Hope this clears things up. Thank you for your comment.


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