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Tesla Model 3: Handover Heels

This is the day. The day that Tesla has been working towards from the very start. The Tesla Model 3 has finally materialised into reality, and the first production Model 3’s get handed over. 8:45 PM UTC-08:00 (Gigafactory 1 Time), 3:45PM UTC+12:00 (New Zealand Time), 5AM UTC+00:00 (UK Time), and the handover party gets live streamed all over the world. Yes, I am a Tesla fanboy. I never perceived myself as the nutty kind of Tesla fan though – at least, not until today… Continue reading “Tesla Model 3: Handover Heels”

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Tesla Model 3: It’s Here!

So, the day has finally come! The first production Tesla Model 3’s are now being paired with their proud, new, pioneering owners! Happy Model 3 day, everybody! Thanks to the time zone, it looks like we are covering this a day late, but oh well! The launch party is expected to start around 3:45pm UTC-18 (Auckland, Wellington Time), so be ready. It will be streaming live from Fremont, California via Tesla’s website. Check back later for our coverage of the full event…

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Innocence Lost: Shared Issues of Hydrogen & Biofuels

Fuel cells. Clean, green, and the way of the future. At least, that is what some major automakers would have you believe. There are, of course, a few *minor* complications with their plans. Let’s have a look, shall we? Continue reading “Innocence Lost: Shared Issues of Hydrogen & Biofuels”

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Electric Cars 101: More EV Myths & Alternative Facts

It happened the other day – I was discussing EVs with a friend of mine, who happens to dislike them quite strongly. Inevitably, she pointed out that one problem she has with them is that when sitting in traffic, they are just wasting electricity… Continue reading “Electric Cars 101: More EV Myths & Alternative Facts”


Tesla Model 3: Liftoff

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced today that the Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements two weeks ahead of schedule. He also stated that ‘SN1’, which many of us believe to be the first production Model 3, will be completed this Friday. With deliveries now imminent, it seems appropriate to delve into the spec sheet. Continue reading “Tesla Model 3: Liftoff”